Research field

AFC (Albumin FLICTM Conjugate)

What is AFC (Albumin FLICTM Conjugate)?

: Albumin FLICTM technology provides a "biorthogonal click fluorescent probe" that reacts rapidly to albumin only → Replaces antibodies with albumin, resulting in a simple linker compared to antibody-conjugated drugs
[Market of the anticancer drug]
: Various domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies are developing antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) drugs, and are interested in this technology to target cancer cells, and a high market growth rate is expected globally.
: In addition to ADCs, interest in albumin-anti-cancer drug conjugates is increasing . (When a drug is attached to an albumin, the drug's ability to target and penetrate cancer cells ↑)
: Need for binding technology that enhances the effectiveness of albumin in targeting cancer cells compared to the existing ones

[Advantage of our AFC technology]

1) Cost
: Low production cost compared to ADC anticancer drug
2) Cancer Targeting Effect
: Linking drugs to albumin increases the rate of reaching and penetrating cancer cells (Cancer cell uptake rate more than 0.15%, 15 times higher than other technologies)

✔️KYTECBIO develops AFC binding technology
→ Responding to the market demand for increased effectiveness in targeting cancer cells with albumin

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

[Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)]

: Photodynamic therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light to selectively destroy only cancer cells where photochemical reactions are present.

: It is a treatment in which a photosensitizer is injected into a blood vessel to induce the accumulation of photosensitizer in cancerous tissue. Then a laser of a specific wavelength is pulsed to destroy only cancer cells selectively. This is not simply an effect of the laser's heat, but the result of a photochemical reaction in which the laser's energy induces a chemical reaction. Moreover, this reaction produces free radicals in the presence of the photosensitizer.

[Advantage of PDT]

: High cure rates
: Low side effects
: Easy repeating procedures